“Elektroinženjering” d.o.o., Čačak

"Elektroinženjering" d.o.o. Čačak was founded in 1989. as a company whose predominant activity was in the field of electrical installations and lightning protection.

In 1997 the company commence cooperation with "Knjaz Miloš" from Arandjelovac, which continues to these days.

In 2000 cooperation with French company "Paratonnerre Pouyet" was initiated in the field of lightning protection.

"Elektroinženjering" has been active in the field of design, manufacture and assmbling of lightning protection equipment, elekctrical installations of high and low voltages, electrical drives, automatic control systems, cabling, as well as measurement and testing of electrical equipment and installations.

The company worked on more than one thousand important locations in Serbia and aborad, among which are gorenment institutions, chemical industry, monuments of cultural heritage (monasteries and museums), power engineering systems, uniersities and schools, hotels, etc.